Case Management

What is Care Management?

You may have heard it referred to as Senior Care Consultants /Geriatric Care Management/Care Managers/Case Mangers. Our Care Managers are specialty trained nurses within the senior industry. Star Nursing’s Care Manager will consult with you in your home to help evaluate your situation, listen to your goals and needs, and develop a specific plan of care for you or your loved one.

Why do I need a Senior Care Manager? Our Specially Trained Nurses will:

  • Bridge the gap between illness and recovery
  • Easing the transition from hospital to home
  • Monitor the level of care given
  • Coordinate home care if required
  • Develop a plan of care
  • Providing resources and tools for success
  • Assist with medication management
  • Educate on Disease Process
  • Accompany the client to doctor’s appointment
  • Liaison between family members, physicians, attorneys and others
  • Support care-giving family members
  • Advocate and coordinate care while in hospital, nursing home, and/or rehab
  • Advocate for clients’ and families’ needs
  • Reassess and reevaluate your long-term health plan
  • Providing a caring support and an overall environment that promotes health and well being

Star Nursing’s Mission

Star Nursing recognizes, values, and respects the qualities of each aging person, evaluates their needs, and locates the best resources to maximize that client’s level of independence, while honoring individual wishes and values so that the most informed decision will be made.

Components of Care Management

  • Screening/Evaluating/Assessing
  • Engaging the client/caregivers
  • Managing symptoms
  • Education/Promoting Self-Management
  • Screening/Evaluating/Assessing
  • Encourage continuity of care
  • Avoid preventable readmissions
  • Assuring Continuity
  • Patient Centered/Patient Focused
  • Coordinating Care/Collaborating
  • Patient Advocate
  • Patient Navigator
  • High risk/Frequent Fliers
  • Maintaining Relationships
  • Improve patient satisfaction
  • Integration/Partnership/Coordination

What is involved in Medication Management?

  • Comprehensive Medication review
    High risk – multiple prescribers
  • Ability to afford their medications
  • Understanding of their medications
  • Did they get their prescription filled
  • Do they need reminders
  • Medication documentation form

Patient Centered/Patient Focused

  • Bring back the control to the patient
  • Ensuring physician follow-up visits are arranged
  • Recognizing “red flags” that may indicate deterioration or worsening of condition
  • Taking ownership of disease process and personal heath
  • Developing self- management skills

What Are the Benefits of Care Management Services?

  • One Stop Coordination of Care—A Care Manager will know all of the services in their community and the cost and quality of those services. This will save family members who live at a distance time and money.
  • Personalized Services—A Care Manager will address the individual needs of the older adult and their family by meeting and talking with everyone involved.
  • Development of Plan of Care—Every individual is unique, your professional Care Manager will work with family members to create an individual plan of care
  • Accessibility—Care Managers are available to their clients on a 24-hour basis; they are accustomed to responding to crisis or emergency situations.
  • Continuity of Care—The Care Manager can represent the older adult and their needs to service and health care providers in a consistent and reliable manner, saving time and preventing miscommunication.
  • Preferred Providers— Star Nursing has teamed up with Health Care Providers in your area to assist with all levels of care: Personal Care, Meal Preparation, Light Housekeeping, Skilled Nursing Care Visit, Rehabilitation Services and/or Assisted Living Facilities Placement option.
  • Quality and Cost Control—The Care Manager prevents inappropriate institutional care and the overuse of services. The Care Manager matches services to the clients’ needs and thereby contains costs. Through ongoing client monitoring the Care Manager can ensure the quality of the care and prevent crises.

Considering Star Nursing for Quality Services

Star Nursing provides a better outcome for patients with multiple health and social needs. Our programs consist of a collaborative process of assessing, planning, facilitating, care coordination, evaluation and patient/family advocacy. Our Care Managers will search for options and services to meet the individual and family’s comprehensive health needs through effective communication and available resources within our patients communities.

Care Management the Star Nursing Way

  • Transition of care
  • Disease management
  • Complex Care Management
  • Medication management
  • Education tools
  • Patient/family engagement
  • Community Resources
  • Positive outcome

At Home Nurse

Patient Advocates: Getting the Healthcare Answers

Star Nursing’s Care Managers act as a liaison between the patient and their health care provider. We will navigate through the health care system and establish a professional relationship with the clinicians on your behalf. Our care managers will be available for all physician appointments, tests, procedures, etc.
Patient advocacy services can also include transition assistance to older patients moving into assisted living and nursing homes, or such routine but essential tasks as transportation, bill tracking, and payment assistance.

Our Areas of Expertise

  • Not sure what’s going on with your elderly parent’s health and no one takes the time to explain to you?
  • Having questions about health or healthcare but not sure how to ask?
  • Feeling like you hardly get any time with your doctor but get an inordinate number of medical tests, procedures, and medications instead?
  • Feeling treated like a number in the medical system, rather than a person whose entire needs are addressed?

Star Nursing’s Patient Advocate Program

Our private pay professional patient advocates (nurse) are thoroughly screened-background/drug testing/references verified- and are provided to the patient (or patient’s family) to directly represent the patient in the health care system. Our private patient advocate will help the patient navigate through the medical system, whether it be through assisting them with understanding their health issues and what to talk to their doctor about, finding doctors, dealing with medical billing errors, getting access to health care resources, accompanying patients to medical appointments, checking on them and their care while hospitalized, etc. You can rest assure, our patient advocate nurses will provide a personal approach, while adhering to confidentiality at all times.
Services provided by private patient advocates are not covered by insurance, and the clients are charged an initial assessment fee and an hourly rate then applies. For many of our current clients/patients, cost is not the deciding factor. The individual supportive and personalized attention one receives from our health care professional has been impressive. Your personal patient advocate will provide substantial emotional support, better communication in the medical system, and potentially improve health outcomes.

Adherence to our Care Management Program

This program is a true partnership between Star Nursing, referral sources, and the patient/family members. It is imperative that a patient consistently engages in his/her health status. Star Nursing Care Manager’s provides a Monitoring Adherence Solution, which uses a combination of nurses, caregivers, community resources, and superb customer support to ensure compliance, safe patient care by delivering positive outcomes.
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