COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 Pandemic – Star Nursing provides Healthcare Screening Services to your employees, contractors, or students, ensuring positive outcomes!


COVID-19 – Best Practices Program for taking temperatures, during this pandemic


If your organization remain operational during the COVID-19 pandemic you are faced with the challenge of determining what you can do to minimize the risk of spreading the virus while still being able to provide critical products and services to your communities.

Essential employers have started screening employees’ temperatures in an effort to ensure that employees with symptoms of the illness do not infect their coworkers.

Who Should Take the Temperature?

Best Practice: Trained nurses, and other healthcare professional on-site!

What Equipment Should Be Use? 

Best Practice: Hospital Medical Grade No Touch Non-Contact Digital Infrared Temporal Forehead Thermometer, this will ensure minimizing the amount of contact.


What Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is Used?

Best Practice
: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) should include gloves, goggles, face masks, and gowns, in accordance with CDC recommendations.

All PPE will be provided by Star Nursing and utilized by our employees to ensure your employees, contractors, or students, are protected


Best Practices:  

  • To avoid long lines, consider whether additional shifts can be established to reduce the number of employees in the worksite at one time
  • Stagger shift start- and end-times greater than normal when possible (while still ensuring safe operations), to eliminate employees from congregating during the shift change-over, and from over-crowding at entrances and exits
  • Create corridors (outside, but preferably covered) where employees can enter the facility through a temperature-checking line
  • Have multiple such lines and entrances if possible, to reduce crowding
  • Consider placing marking tape on the ground in the corridor to demarcate six (6)-foot lengths to provide for greater social distancing by employees while in line


Does your Organization need Healthcare Screening Services?

Practical Considerations for Temperature Screenings at your workplace, to consider:

Best Practice:  Healthcare Screening Services Provided by Star Nursing

  • Trained Nurses and other Healthcare Professionals
  • All equipment and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) provided
  • Education on infection control prevention, and risk management, while ensuring positive outcomes.
  • Provide a well-organized staffing model to reflect your current concerns
  • HIPAA will apply to the screening results.
  • Screenings should be performed in a private area.
  • Perform screenings in a manner that does not allow others to discover whom may have fevers.
  • Continuous monitoring for signs and symptoms and report per Star Nursing Protocol.
  • Determining what degree of fever is a symptom of COVID-19 and the length of time individual should be symptom-free prior to returning to their workplace


Each day you make critical decisions that impact the future of your workforce.  Permit Star Nursing to promote behavior that reduces the risk of spread while maintaining a healthy environment.


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