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Star Nursing has partnered with HealthMarkets Insurance Agency to ensure your insurance needs are being met.
Have you ever wondered……? What does basic health insurance cost? What does basic health insurance cover? Can I qualify for basic health insurance cost? Can I set up this plan individually and still be able to make high pay rates from Star Nursing? Can I continue my health care coverage, even if I am not on assignment with Star Nursing? YES…YES…YES! HealthMarkets Insurance Agency has made it easy, for all our Star Nursing Healthcare professionals, weather you are on assignment or have taken a break; we understand the importance of maintaining your coverage. HealthMarkets Insurance Agency will set you up with as little as out of pocket as possible for, basic health insurance or if you prefer a more premium insurance plan, or perhaps looking toward retirement years, HealthMarkets Insurance Agency has you covered!
A quick call or e-mail to our preferred Agent “LeVan Moment “and he will find you the best and least expense healthcare coverage!
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HealthMarkets Insurance Agency
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