Our Team

Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team provides knowledge, guidance, and passion within the Healthcare Staffing Industry.  Their leadership ability ensures Star Nursing’s values and high standards to excellence is achieved daily.

Client Relationship Team/Account Management Team

 Our management team is leading Star Nursing to success daily.  With their guidance and compassion, they are indeed the backbone of this company.  Our client relationship team and the account manager’s work together to provide qualified clinicians, especially with challenging to fill positions.  Under their leadership, they carry out Star Nursing standards, seamlessly matching clinicians to facilities.

Recruiting Team

 Our Healthcare recruiting departments are experts in the process of sourcing, job posting, social media tracking, and hiring qualified Healthcare Professionals. Our recruiting team is dedicated and devoted with on-boarding new clinicians to fill ongoing needs.

Credentialing Team

 Our Credentialing department follows Star Nursing and TJC Standards to ensure files are100% compliant at all times.  These teams of Credentialing Specialists are some of the most precise in the industry.  You can rest assure each and every Healthcare Professional we provide will continuously be 100% compliant.

Staffing Support Team

Our Staffing Specialists pulls it all together; they staff facilities 24/7.  Frequently Star Nursing is the facility staffing department!  We ensure staffing ratios are accurate, with back up staff available if needed.  Our staffing support teams are dedicated to working diligently to deliver qualified and competent Healthcare Professionals.

Payroll & Billing Department

This department ensures time-sheets are completed correctly and approved by the facility. Healthcare Professionals are paid weekly based on approved timekeeping.