Star Nursing MSP

Staffing Made Simple

Our Managed Service Provider Agreement (MSP) allows you and your staff to outsource all of your staffing needs to Star Nursing. We will handle all of the details for you so that you and your team can focus on the quality of patient care. Our MSP allows you to attract the best candidates from all over in one simple process.

We have long lasting relationships with preferred Healthcare staffing agencies to manage staffing support with thousands of job requests.

We introduced our MSP program in 2013, and have achieved exciting growth.

A Single Point of Contact!

  • For all communications
  • Standardized Profile submissions
  • For interviewing
  • For Scheduling
  • Single Invoicing


Industry Standards

The Star Nursing MSP simplifies the process of staffing. It utilizes a network of Professional Staffing agencies, though our cloud based Vendor Management System (VMS), to recruit the top talent in the industry and secure you a competent staff focused on quality of care.

All open job orders are entered in real time to ensure quick fill rates.

We pride ourselves on creating lasting partnerships built on transparency and dedication.

Star Nursing’s MSP Benefits

  • Recruiting for your open positions
  • Dedicated Account Managers
  • Centralized Contracting
  • Credentials Management
  • Exceptional Fill Rate
  • Director Onboarding & Orientation
  • Clinical/Quality Service
  • Consolidated Invoicing
  • Facility Brand Marketing & Sourcing
  • Insurance – general/professional/worker compensation
  • Background Screening
  • Urine Drug Screening
  • Employee Contracts/Offer Letter’s
  • Onboarding preparation
  • Invoicing services
  • Payroll services



Star Nursing achieved Joint Commission Certification (TJC) as a premier Healthcare Staffing Agency in 2007 and has earned the reputation of being the most trusted and dedicated Healthcare Staffing Agency in the industry.

Our preferred partners appreciate our strict compliance process ensuring 100% compliant files on every Healthcare Professional at all times.