New Grad Program

Star Nursing’s New Grad Program ~ C.N.A/LVN/RN

Having a qualified mentor plays a crucial role on the future of our workforce, how can Star Nursing ensure qualified, component healthcare professions?

  • Finding qualified, staff is getting more and more difficult for facilities.
  • Over inflated bill rates from healthcare staffing agencies is making more and more facilities unable to keep within their budgets.
  • With the increase in bill rates over the last 24 months, Star Nursing has a solution that is working for many facilities!
  • We have an extended orientation program partnered with one of your experienced healthcare professionals, fostering their growth so they can become a valuable part of your team, with lower cost, ensuring you stay within your budget.

We have designed a New Grad program of competent, high achieving graduates, to guarantee quality patient care and the safety of your patients.

Our graduate healthcare staffing program will ensure only the best of the best will be permitted to be part of our team and yours.  We are dedicated to customer service and facility image, and exceptional clinical outcomes, safeguarding the facilities we serve.

As our new healthcare professionals enter the workforce, you and the new clinicians partner with Star Nursing’s clinical support team for their initial 3 months. This ensures their transition into the healthcare team is a smooth one.  This period of the initial 3 months is crucial to success, both for the healthcare professional and the facility.

Why Our Partners Choose Star Nursing’s New Grad Program

  • Severe shortage – continues to rise
  • Nursing school enrollment is not growing fast enough to meet the projected demand for RN
  • High nurse retirement and turnover rates are affecting access to health care
  • Almost 40% of registered nurses are over the age of 50
  • By 2020, nearly 80,000 of nurses will have left the workforce
  • Nurses speaking out vigorously about dissatisfaction with facility work environment
  • Nurses dictating their pay package
  • Better patient outcome, higher reimbursements
  • Advanced in healthcare, leading to more complex care, longer life expectancy
  • Accelerated nursing programs- bring more nurses into the workforce not prepared, lacking clinical experienced and critical thinking

How We Set Expectations

We work with several local community colleges, ensuring our healthcare professionals stay in our community.  Statistics show, offering new graduates a position prior to graduation, confirms they will work locally.  Our new grad program is introduced at the beginning of the first semester; engaging students to do their very best.  Students are aware of our strict requirements.  We will only accept the top 10% of each graduating program, allowing us to provide the most component staff members to your facility.


  • Signed Application
  • Resume/CV
  • Certification/license (per classification)
  • Signed Job Description
  • BLS and/or ACLS (per specialty)
  • 2 impeccable clinical references
  • Photo ID (driver’s license, passport, state ID)
  • Social Security Card
  • Completed I-9 hiring form with supporting documentation demonstrating eligibility
  • Immigration Documents (as appropriate)
  • Physical Health Statement issued within the last twelve(12) months
  • Tuberculosis test or chest x-ray with medical assessment (annually) and/or facility policy
  • Serum titers/Vaccination for: Rubella, Mumps, Rubeola, Varicella, Hepatitis B,
  • Influenza Vaccine inoculation documentation, Tdap or declination
  • Competency skill testing per specialty
  • Competency testing is done for all Agency staff a score of 80% or greater is required.
  • 10-panel urine drug screen is required prior to hire
  • Background investigations are performed prior to hire

Why Partner with our New Grad Program?

No two clinicians are alike, and no two assignments are alike. At Star Nursing we tailor every job experience for every clinician.  We are a Joint Commission (TJC) accredited healthcare staffing agency, providing the highest level of professional health care services. With decades of success in this industry; healthcare staffing is our expertise!