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Registered travel nurses founded Star Nursing Agency in 2001. It is a premier healthcare staffing agency run by healthcare and recruiting experts who are familiar with the difficulties and staffing requirements of the modern healthcare sector. The daily operations are nurse- managed and concentrated on delivering quality patient care, quality customer service, and quality healthcare professionals. We take pride in developing enduring relationships based on commitment and openness. We are committed to helping you with your request, whether you are a client looking for a new employee or a candidate looking for a new challenge. In 2007, Star Nursing received Joint Commission Certification as a top healthcare staffing company, solidifying its position as the most dependable and committed company in its field. Our ability to expand our Travel, Per Diem, New Grad Program, and Permanent Placement divisions to a national level is due to the presence of offices across the nation. As Star Nursing has expanded, we have added non-clinical roles to our workforce, enabling Star Nursing to offer our clients and candidates a more complete Staffing Agency.


Honesty is demonstrated by what we say and do. We will be transparent, dedicated and forthcoming on our path to achieve success for you.


Quality over quantity. We strive to provide an exceptional service.


Whether you are a client on the search for the perfect employee or a candidate on the hunt for the next step in your career, we can offer tailored solutions to meet your individual requirements.

Traveling Healthcare Professionals​

You can select assignments that best suit your skills, interests, and adventurous spirit with traveling healthcare contracts.

Per Diem Staffing​

The Latin term “Per Diem,” which means “Per Day,” allows you to work almost daily in a different location while gaining valuable experience.

Permanent Placement/Direct Hire

By providing the most difficult recruiting situations with the appropriate solutions, we at Star Nursing assist clients in achieving organizational goals.

About Us

Our Leadership Team provides knowledge, guidance, and passion within the Healthcare Staffing Industry.
Ose Oko
Ose Oko
May 25, 2023
My recruiter EJ is the best!!
Hannah Howard
Hannah Howard
May 10, 2023
Just about to wrap up with my first contract as a one year nurse with Star Nursing and all I have to say is I’ve never been happier with my job. My recruiter EJ has been super helpful from the start with making sure all my paperwork is done and always checking in on me to make sure everything is going good with me at the facility I am currently working at. They are always easy to get ahold of and very understanding with any problem that arises. If you ever considered travel nursing I would definitely consider Star Nursing 🙌
Roshika Harris
Roshika Harris
April 24, 2023
I am currently working with Star Nursing, and I love it here. I have the best recruiter. RJ, he’s the best always communicating with me and keeping me posted on everything I love. Star Nursing
Claudia Escamilla
Claudia Escamilla
April 13, 2023
I am currently working with Star Nursing and I have RJ Manlapas as my recruiter and he has been phenomenal with keeping me up to date with any information I need! He has definitely made my experience as a Travel CNA much easier. I appreciate all the assistance and patience I have received. Thank you Star Nursing for have such an amazing staff! And a Big thanks to RJ <3
DD Moore
DD Moore
April 4, 2023
I have been working for Star Nursing since September of 2021 and I love working for them. My recruiter RJ is wonderful and keep me working and the money is awesome !! Star Nursing is the one 🌺
LaHeaven Nicole
LaHeaven Nicole
March 29, 2023
I give Star Nursing 5 stars every time because of my recruiter RJ M. He Is one of the best recruiters I’ve had as a travel LVN. The company itself is also very accommodating and understanding, They are there to help you every step along your travel assignment to ensure that you have what you are possibly looking for. I recommend them 10/10! (:
Alaina Barrett
Alaina Barrett
March 17, 2023
Star Nursing is amazing! My recruiters RJ and Edric are great! Always there when I need them! I highly recommend Star Nursing for any future travels!
Unique Unique
Unique Unique
March 9, 2023
started my first contract with star nursing on July 2022 my recruiters name is RJ he is such a great recruiter. Rj is always making sure to check up on me and solve any concerns I have. He’s very fast at getting back to me with an answer if he doesn’t already have it , I’m on a 13 week contract and I have zero complaints my hotel is amazing if you plan on joining star I 100% recommend Rj!
Esmeralda Guerrero
Esmeralda Guerrero
January 19, 2023
Star Nursing is one if not the best company to expand travel nursing career with! Whether you are new to traveling or a seasoned traveler. They are super beginner friendly! My recruiter RJ Manlapas has walked me throughout the entire application process, stayed in touch during my entire assignment and was available to answer any questions even despite the time difference! I can’t wait for my next assignment. 10/10 recommend
Messy's Cleaning
Messy’s Cleaning
January 13, 2023
My name is Javier and my experience with Star Nursing as my staffing agency has been very welcoming. I specialized in home health prior to registering with Star and it has opened up a lot of doors for me; not to mention that I have met a lot of great people throughout my travels. RJ – who is a recruiter and junior manager of the agency has been really dedicated to his recruits – with compassion to listen to everyone’s concerns. He has been extremely helpful and has gotten me out of situations where I felt uncomfortable as well as when there were issues with bookings. He’s the type of person who will always go above and beyond because of the size of his heart. It’s a whole new year and I look forward to seeing what my journeys are like as I continue to prosper with Star.

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