Why Choose Star Nursing?

Protecting Patients by Improving Safety and Quality of Care distinguishes Star Nursing from other agencies. We are heavily invested in providing the tools our healthcare professionals require to do their best while performing their skill sets at your facility. We have changed our hiring process to better serve our partner facilities with quality care staff. Our 18-point hiring process includes more in-depth video interviews with written clinical and situational questions and answers for facilities reviews. In addition, our already robust exams and core competencies of specialized training now include additional educational components for healthcare professionals, 4-8 extra hours dedicated to dementia training.

  • How to effectively communicate with a person with dementia
  • How to manage aggressive people
  • How to address behavioral health issues
  • How to better understand difficulties with a person with mental health concerns
  • Personality changes, what are some critical interventions for the caregiver?
  • Understanding different types of abuse
  • End-of-life coping skills

Star Nursing’s best practice accomplishes this goal by ensuring each Health Care Professional completes selective testing and exams provided by a third-party vendor. Offering continuity of care with contracted staff allows patients to build relationships and find comfort in care and trust. Each Healthcare Professional working with Star Nursing is a GUEST at your facility. They are expected to provide the best in patient care, ensure patients’ safety, and offer incredible customer service.

Together Star Nursing Team can provide your facility(s) with the best healthcare professionals and customer service while decreasing negative publicity and improving Star ratings, resulting in higher reimbursement rates.

Our mission is to ensure that patients receive the highest level of care by connecting them with skilled and compassionate healthcare professionals. In addition, we always strive to build long-lasting relationships with our clients and staff, fostering a collaborative and supportive environment that enhances the healthcare experience for everyone involved. While working to ensure each facility reaches the 5-star rating they deserve, securing applicable funding.

Star Nursing Staffing 

Working hand in hand with our Assisted Living Waiver / Case Management team, Star Nursing staffing is founded on the Heart of healthcare. When faced with so many choices in terms of temporary staffing alternatives, we believe that it is essential to choose wisely. Star Nursing Staffing offers Administrators, DONs, Nurse Managers, DSDs, RNs, LVNs, CNAs, Allied Health, and more; if you have a need, we can assist. We offer per diem and travel/contract staff to meet the needs of even the most exacting facilities. Additionally, our company operates in a 100% TJC compliant way to lessen your facility’s risk and provide unparalleled quality assurance and customer service. Here are just a few reasons why you might consider working with us:

Your facility will have a dedicated Account Manager to work with you and your staff directly.

1. We provide excellent, clinically competent, and caring healthcare providers.

2. We provide staffing services in per-diem, travel contracts, and permanent placement.

3. We are licensed and fully insured.

4. All of our healthcare providers are competency tested, background checked, and drug-  screened.

5. All of our healthcare providers undergo Annual Education reviews to ensure ongoing compliance with all OSHA, TJC, and HIPAA standards

6. All of our business operations meet TJC certification benchmarks/standards.

7. We can help streamline your facility’s workflow while providing adequate staffing to help you comply with your hospital’s nurse/patient ratio goals.

8. We can act swiftly and efficiently with unparalleled customer service.

We would love to assist you with your immediate staffing needs; If you require per-diem, block bookings, short-term, long-term travel, or permanent placement help, we have excellent clinicians available now for all shifts. 

 You can call our office to book a clinician 24 hours a day at (877) 687-7399.

Why choose Star Nursing Health Care Staff


Star Nursing, Inc. is an experienced healthcare staffing company with over 20 years in the Healthcare staffing industry. We became Joint Commission Certified in 2007 and have the resources and experience to provide the most competent and qualified healthcare providers ready to assist your facilities in meeting your staffing needs. 

Managed Service Provider (MSP): Outsource your entire workforce staffing needs to Star Nursing as a Managed Service Provider (MSP), allowing your team to focus on quality patient care. We introduced our MSP program in 2013, providing an accomplished staffing platform supporting staffing, clinical, timekeeping, invoicing while delivering positive outcomes. A Single Point of Contact to streamline your entire facility supplemental staffing requirements. 

Medi-Cal Assisted Living Waiver Program: In 2014 Star Nursing, became a Care Coordinating Agency with the State of California offering the Medi-Cal Assisted Living Waiver Program. What does this mean for your facility? If you have Medi-Cal patients that no longer required ‘Skilled Nursing Services” and would like to transition to an approved License ALF/RCFE, we are here to assist. Star Nursing will work closely with your discharge planners and/or social service department to ensure appropriate placements.  

New Grad Program: 2015 Star Nursing launched our New Grad program (The Rising Star), our discounted New Grad bill rates, and no fee required to our clients after completing 960 hours has been an added advantage to our clients.

Decreased Liability

All employees of Star Nursing, Inc. operate under our:

Worker’s Compensation Policy General Liability Policy Professional Liability Policy

Quality Services

Screening & Hiring Policy and Procedure for all our clinical employees have:

We have a multi-step process to ensure that nurses are competent and qualified. Our comprehensive plan for verifying medical credentials, work history, malpractice, applicant screening, and risk mitigation is shown below. In addition, our agency implements pre-employment skill testing, screening mechanisms, reference checks and background checks, urine drug testing, and post-hire training and updates.

  1. Applicants to Star Nursing must meet these minimum requirements:

o Health Care Personnel must have a minimum of one year, recent experience.  

o Must speak, understand, read, and write the English language fluently.

2.All Applicants are required to provide these primary documents:

o Signed Application

o Resume/CV

o Certification/license (per classification)

o Photo ID (driver’s license, passport, state ID)

o Signed Job Description

o Completed I-9 hiring form with supporting documentation demonstrating eligibility.

o Immigration Documents (as appropriate)

o Social Security Card

o BLS and/or ACLS/PALS/NRP/TNCC (per specialty)

o Minimum of two current professional worked related references.

o Physical Health Statement issued within the last twelve (12) months.

o Tuberculosis test or chest x-ray with medical assessment (annually) and/or facility policy

o Serum titers for: Rubella, Mumps, Rubeola, Varicella, Hepatitis B, Influenza Vaccine inoculation documentation, Tdap or declination

o COVID-19 testing prior to hire and annually (per facility)

3.Applicants are prepared to show Photo ID, Certification/Licensure, BLS/CPR to their assigned facility upon arrival for their initial shift.

4.Other documents are required depending on Applicant’s classification, area of specialty, desired position. For example:

o Additional employment verifications or references

o A score of 80% or greater on additional testing specific to the specialty or facility

o Experience minimums are set by each facility.

o Star Nursing will provide Agency staff that meet or exceed these individualized criteria.

o Competency testing is done for all Agency staff; a score of 80% or greater is required.

o Agency staff competency testing is provided and maintained by Star Nursing.

o Employment verifications are obtained for all applicants.

o A 10-panel urine drug screen is required prior to hire.

Competency Documentation and Requirements

  1. Competency exams are given based on the candidates’ classification and area of specialty. A score of 80% or greater is required for all competency exams, regardless of the candidates’ classification or specialty.
  2. Annual competency testing is given, and any Employee File updates during the course of the year.
  3. Performance Evaluations are completed on a yearly basis, in conjunction with the facility to which the employee is assigned. The performance evaluation provided by the facility may be used as the annual evaluation for Star Nursing.
  4. Continuing education requirements mandated by state law for individual licensure are the responsibility of the nurse. As a service to our employees, Star lists continuing education courses in surrounding areas, including educational courses offered by our hospitals or facilities open to Agency Staff.
  5. A copy of each agency employee’s current certification/ license must be on file at Star Nursing Inc.
  6. Personnel files are reviewed monthly to ensure that licenses, certifications, and physical exams are up to date. Included in the Employee File updates is the requirement for an annual Physical and annual PPD testing / Tuberculosis Screening. A chest x-ray is required every five years for employees who have a positive PPD / Tuberculosis result, an annual questionnaire.

Star Nursing Background vendor is used for pre-employment screening for complete drug and alcohol testing and national and statewide criminal background checks to investigate potential malpractice and fraudulent parties. Additionally, online license verification is performed for each state in which the employee is license/certified.

Drug Screen

  1. All applicants for clinical areas must complete a Urine Drug Screen Test. The urine drug screens are performed free of charge to all clinical applicants.
  2. A minimum of a 10 – panel (non-DOT) Urine Drug Screen testing per facility requirements.
  3. In addition to pre-hire testing, Urine Drug Screen Tests may be required on a random basis.
  4. A Urine Drug Screen Test can also be required for cause.
  5. Refusal to complete a Urine Drug Screen Test is grounds for termination.

Background investigations are performed for applicants.

  1. A pre-employment background investigation is required of all candidates and a copy of the background investigation is available upon request. Background checks are performed free of charge to all applicants.
  2. Applicants will complete the required Notification and Release form. Star Nursing submits the Notification and Release form to the Background vendor, the company that will conduct the Background Investigation.
  3. Background Investigations include a nationwide Federal Criminal Check, Local County Checks, Statewide Sex Offender Registry, Nationwide Social Security Check, employment records, driving records, etc.,
  4. Star Nursing also consults the Excluded Parties List System (http://www.epls.gov/) and HHS Office of Inspector General (http://exclusions.oig.hhs.gov/) for all applicants.
  5. Negative information discovered, such as criminal court decisions, does not preclude hiring and subject to applicant clarification. If the applicant is able to provide court documentation showing dismissal or reversal of decisions as listed on the background investigation, the applicant may then be considered for continued processing.
  6. Star Nursing reserves the right to refuse an offer of employment based on negative Background Investigation findings and/or inability to provide required Court Documents showing dismissal or reversal of decisions.
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